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9 Decemberr

The pair arrived at dusk and settled together on the crockets, on the sast side of the tower

21 November

This afternoon, one of the peregrines hidden somewhere on the tower, made its presence felt as a sparrowhawk drifted by, subjecting the hawk to loud squawking.

20 October

The female flew from where she had been hiding out of sight, to chase off a buzzard that was flying past St.James, minding its own busiiness!

18 October

Our pair are still around intermittently, though they often arrive after dark to roost, so are heard rather than seen

16 August

In foul weather, the pair have taken shelter on the east side of the tower, above the slats of the ringing chamber.

3 July

Contrary to what the RSPB volunteer said on Radio Linconshire this morning, peregrines DON'T time the hatchings so there is a hierarchy within the nestlings, allowing the older and stronger to survive at the expense of the younger. The eggs all hatch within a couple of days and the chicks are fed by the adults, more or less equally.

30 June

The pair were seen sharing prey on one of the gargoyles

25 June

The updated peregrine book has just been printed. Get yours HERE



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