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3 chicks hatched (from 4 eggs laid) in early April. When ringed (identification letters PTD, PVD and P3L), they were thought to be 2 female & 1 male (or possibly 3 female) and all have all had adventures in the subsequent weeks.


About to be ringed. 30 May. Note the unhatched egg.


PTD was blown from the tower in strong winds on 14 June. It was too young to fly – still with its downy feathers. We retrieved it and returned it to the tower.

P3L became grounded on three days – 24, 25 & 26 June. Each time it was returned to the tower.

PVD landed in Chequergate on 27 June, where it was attacked by the resident herring gulls (that have their own nest in Bridge Street). It was caught and taken to James Street Vets to be checked out. It was found to be in good shape and well-fed, so was returned to the tower.

The first flight was noted on 24 June, after which, two juveniles subsequently flew strongly, with some spectacular views around the church. However, the nestlings blown from the tower on 14 June by strong winds hadn't been seen again until 30 June, when it appeared on the nave roof. It remained there flightless and unfed until the morning of 4 July, when it dropped to the porch roof, where we caught it.


PTD rescued from the porch roof on 4 July


As last year Raptor Rescue (Worksop) collected it – they are the only licensed centre in the area for protected species – It was examined by a zoological vet who found no injuries or deformities, so the vet wondered if there was some neurological problem that inhibited the bird from flying. It remains at the rescue centre and I've been told it is beginning to fly a little. A contribution to the Rescue Centre's expenses was made from the Peregrine book income.

So a reasonable end to the 2018 season, and with the other 2 juveniles catching their own prey, the tower walkway was cleaned up by volunteers and opened to the public on 5th July.



The Rest of the Year

26 September 2018

Male & female roosting together on the east face of the tower adjacent to the bell chamber

8 October 2018

Male & female roosting together on the east face of the tower adjacent to the bell chamber

21 October 2018

The pair shared prey late afternoon on the southeast butress near the walkway. Both are present roosting most evenings now, usually on the east side of the tower.


Male on east face of tower 26 October.
Click the image to see a clip of male calling to mate on 2 November.


2 November 2018

The pair very active today in the sunshine. Male on the south side of the spire, female quite mobile. Pair seen to fly around interacting with each other.

8 November 2018

The pair were joined for a short time by a third peregrine. Don't know if it was one of this year's juveniles, but the residents didn't let it hang around for long

26 November 2018

The pair were seen during the day close together on crockets on the north face of the spire

11 December 2018

The pair still close together on crockets on the north face of the spire

21 December 2018

The male welcomed his mate as she arrived on the spire with the usual 'yapping'