7 February

The camera is now active, with this view taken of the TV screen in the coffee shop. The Church is open daily (subject to Church business) until midday. The peregrines are both around, but have yet to visit the nest tray

2 March

The pair have visited the nest tray – there is a depression in the gravel. They were both visible for much of the day.

3 March

An opportune visit by Chris Marshall at 5pm resulted in this great photo from the TV screen.

14 March

The tiercel was seen scratching around in the nest tray.

16 March

The falcon was photographed this morning enlarging the depression in the nest tray. Earlier, both birds flew after a sparrowhawk that was passing.

19 March

This morning, the falcon was observed inspecting the nest tray and enlarging the depression. Click on the image below to watch the video.

23 March

The TV screen will not be switched on for visitors to view the peregrines activity, but any information on their progress will be posted here. See Latest News for some stunning photos, courtesy of Steve Plant.