Thanks for visiting. This web site is updated regularly and information from the peregrines' first nesting season (2015) onwards has be detailed, along with photographs and video clips. There is also a FAQ page that will hopefully dispel some of the misconceptions about these magnfifcent birds of prey.

We now have an updated and extended edition of ‘Peregrines of Louth’. It’s now 28 pages with a cover price of £4 and can be purchased in person from St.James’ Church gift shop.

If you would like to buy one here, the price is £5, which includes postage and PayPal fees.

Published May 2024, ‘Birds of Louth’ is a 148-page book measuring 170mm x 245mm. Full colour throughout, and detailing the 195 species recorded in the Louth area. Dedicated to the lead author John Clarkson, who succombed to a brain tumour in August 2023, all profits will go to Brain Tumour Resarch.
Cover price is £12, but this is a hefty book and postage is £2.80, so buy online here for £15 or at St.James’ Church for £12.