31 May

Stunning photos from Steve Plant taken yesterday evening. Shows what patience and a good camera can achieve!

29 May

The chicks were ringed this week by Alan Ball under strict health security conditions, and thought to to be two males and a female. His photos below. The rings are: PSL (female), PTL and PVL (males).

15 May

The drone was back again today, circling the church. Fortunately it didn't seem to disturb the peregrines this time. Both were flying late afternoon and the falcon brought in prey that was plucked high on the spire, then taken to the nest tray.

14 May

A drone was flying this morning over the town and church, putting the pair to flight. It eventually flew high southeast. Illegal, of course, but when the police phone number puts the caller through to Lincoln, one loses the will...

10 May

Dale Walker has had access to the church just in time to see the birds feeding. We have 3 chicks and all look healthy. It's thought they are 2-3 days old, so the earliest so far.

22 April

Natural England has issued licences for falconers to take chicks from the nests of wild British Peregrine Falcons. More details HERE. Sign the Animal Aid petition to stop this practice HERE

16 April

Mostly quiet over the past few days. The tiercel has been keeping watch, often from the north side of the spire, with just a couple of brief visits from the visiting falcon. This time last year, the 5th egg was laid, so at a guess, without sight of the TV screen, we can expect the first egg to hatch around the 12th May.

11 April

A quick check of the nest tray via the TV screen, showed that the falcon is brooding at least two, and possibly more eggs. The three birds were flying together briefly this morning, before the visitor flew off south.

9 April

After a few days when the 'ménage à trois' saw the 3 birds flying around, it's now become quiet again. In the last 4 years, at this point in the calendar the falcon was sitting on 3 eggs (in 2016 and 2018, she'd laid 4 by now). With no access to the TV screen, it's anyone's guess what's happening!

31 March

The three birds (two falcons and the tiercel) took to the air during the afternoon. Eventually, the interloper flew off and the resident pair were seen to copulate, after which the falcon spent 30 minutes preening before moving to a ledge on the bell tower where food (probably woodcock) was cached. Photos below.

29 March

A quick check on the TV screen by Verger Dale Walker this afternoon revealed the falcon is now installed on the nest. She may have already laid, but with the weather being so cold, she wouldn't expose any eggs.

28 March

There have been regular sightings of another falcon associating with our pair. All three fly together, though the visiting bird doesn't linger. It's possibly a juvenile from an earlier brood as there is no antagonism shown.

There are no clear signs that the falcon is laying yet, but with the church locked, ther are no reports.

23 March

The TV screen will not be switched on for visitors to view the peregrines activity, but any information on their progress will be posted here. In the meantime, here are 4 fabulous photos taken by Steve Plant last week. Perseverance pays off! Thank you Steve.

19 March

This morning, the falcon was observed inspecting the nest tray and enlarging the depression. Click on the image below to watch the video.

16 March

The falcon was photographed this morning enlarging the depression in the nest tray. Earlier, both birds flew after a sparrowhawk that was passing.

14 March

The tiercel was seen scratching around in the nest tray.

3 March

An opportune visit by Chris Marshall at 5pm resulted in this great photo from the TV screen.

2 March

The pair have visited the nest tray – there is a depression in the gravel. They were both around this morning.

23 February

The pair were displaying in coutrship flight this afternoon, using the high winds to their advantage.

19 February

The RSPB's Investigations team has revealed that rates of raptor persecution are showing no signs of slowing down across the UK. In the last 12 years, there have been 131 incidents of Peregrine Falcon persecution with two in Lincolnshire.

View the RSPB's Raptor persecution map HERE.

13 February 2020

The pair were cavorting together on the south walkway below the ringing chamber this afternoon. The TV screen is on, but it shows no disturbance of the gravel in the nest tray, however, it was the end of march when this was noted last year, so plenty of time!

24 January 2020

The Nest tray with new roof is now installed. Just waiting for the camera to be positioned – then the birds to take up residence!