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5 January 2022

Our pair arrived around 16.00, noisily calling as they settled on the spire crockets.

2 January 2022

Reported: Peregrine pair on the base of the northwest pinnacle. Female devouring a black-headed gull.

27 December

The male still roosts occasionally high on the spire. The female has rarely been seen in recent weeks

4 November

The resident male, resting on the south side of the tower, was disturbed by a visiting pair around midday. They circled the church for several minutes, before flying south.

29 September

The adults are still seen and heard around the church, often roosting and leaving at first light.

27 August

The adult pair return to the church, often roosting there. The juveniles are rarely seen (or heard). The image below shows the female perched alongside a nesting wood pigeon. They spent 3 hours eyeing each other before the peregrine left, the pigeon departing soon after.

25 July

All four juveniles still active around the church, hunting their own prey, but willing to accept any handouts from the adults.

9 July

That's all Folks! Any further news of our birds will be posted here. A successful season and great to have everything captured by the cameras. There will be a compilation video on YouTube when I get time, but for now, I'll leave you all with this stunnng photograph from Steve Plant. It shows what a good camera and infinite patience can achieve. Thanks Steve!

1 July

Life in the shadow of St. James!