Territorial Agression towards common buzzards

Our resident peregrines are showing extreme territorial aggression towards any common buzzard within sight of the peregrines’ nest or the juveniles. Before 2020, we had no records of this behaviour, although we knew the peregrines in Exeter had brought down 21 buzzards in 190 attacks over a 6-month period. We are now logging attacks seen in the Louth area and would appreciate any information you may have.

Attacks witnessed to date:


16.15 Buzzard flying east-west south of the church attacked and killed by the pair working together. (GM)


AM Buzzard chased off by the tiercel (PE)

13.15 Pair attacked buzzard. Outcome unknown (JC)


AM Pair attacked buzzard near the church. Outcome unknown (SP)

10.10 Pair attacked buzzard, thought to escape west (PE)

16.50 Pair attacked buzzard, thought to escape west (PE)


10.45 Buzzard flying north chased off by the tiercel (JC)

11.20 Pair gave alarm call and took off from the church heading north to where a distant buzzard was riding the thermals. (GM)


09.45 Pair took off east towards a pair of buzzards soaring high some distance away. No attempt made to attack them. (GM)


16.45 One of the adults sounded the alarm and took off NE toward a very distant buzzard, that drifted away further east (GM)


11.15 The falcon took to the air to ward of a passing buzzard heading west. No contact was made (JRM)



11.45 The female left the nest to join the male in chasing off a buzzard, that was soaring above the spire. It escaped NW


11.45 The male breaks off from feeding the young to chase a distant buzzard. Twice he dived at the larger bird, which sidestepped easily, before drifting off to the west.


14.07 The male made contact with a buzzard, before they both disappeared into low cloud. The buzzard was eventually seen flying west (JRM)


13.40 The female went after a very high-flying red kite over St. James